Music Review – Grand Romantic

DISCLAMER:  I am in no way an expert in music. I’m just passionate about music and I’m exploring music review as a form of writing.

I heard the chorus of ‘We Are Young’ for the very first time on an episode of 90210. I fell in love with the song in that moment itself. I paused the episode, looked it up and that’s how I discovered Fun. It didn’t take long for the band to feature on my all-time-favorites list. Their music fascinates me. No other band has a similar sound. And the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how their music gives me hope. No matter what the song, every time I listen to Fun, I’m left feeling hopeful.

Needless to say, I love Nate Ruess, the lead singer of Fun. I would marry him just for his voice. So when I decided to try out music reviewing, his recently released solo album, ‘Grand Romantic,’ was the obvious choice. There are two issues though; my review might not be objective and if I don’t like it, it’s gonna suck for me. But here goes anyway.

Let’s dive right in, just like Nate does with ‘AhHa’, the very word giving the song a spark of crazy. The blast from ‘Some Nights’ is a pleasant and welcome surprise. If you let them, the drums will move you to motion.

The next track ‘Nothing Without Love’ is exactly what it sounds like. A nice song about love with a nice melody. I just wish it wasn’t so generic. Love being such a dynamic subject matter, I was expecting something more awe-inspiring. ‘Take It Back’ follows the same suit. Nothing really stands out in this ballad but I also can’t seem to fault it at any moment.

‘You Light My Fire’ is nothing like the classic the title reminds you of, but it’s everything a pop song should be. It’s the kind of song that would play at prom when the proceedings get too serious. It even has hand claps!

The guitar heavy, ‘What Has The World Come To’, has slightly more solemn and adult-ish contemporary vibes.

There is no better way to describe ‘Great Big Storm’ than the Grand Romantic counterpart of ‘Carry On’ from Some Nights.

‘Moment’ is a classic break up song and only Nate’s vocals elevate it to a level higher than the ordinary ones and the song actually manages to pull the right strings.

‘It Only Gets Much Worse’ provides a much needed break from the overflowing positivity in the preceding tracks. The piano complements the song and the violin in the chorus fits right in.

For the title track, ‘Grand Roamantic’,  I suggest you play it, preferably when it’s raining, close your eyes and let Nate’s voice wash over you. You will not regret it.

‘Harsh Light’ is the signature feel good song that will make you wish you had plans tonight. ‘Bright Side’, again, has minimal music and clear vocals with a touch of whimsical.

Grand Romantic has signature Fun elements. If you’re used to their sound, this album will also go easy on your ears. Nate Ruess has never been about groundbreaking lyrics and Grand Romantic is no different. As the title suggests, there’s a theme of love in each song but it all leads to nowhere. There’s no central message or storytelling. And yet, the choruses pack enough punch, the drums and harmonies hit you right and it’ll leave you feeling like you’ve heard legit good music. It just fails to be more than what it is, which is where lies the distinction between good and great. For the last time I’d like to say, it’s Nate powerful vocals that gives the album an aura of something potentially exceptional. I’d listen to it for the love of Fun.