To Tattoo Or Not To: Part Two

I recently got my second tattoo. After getting my first tattoo I’d written a blog post which turned out to be quite a crowd favorite (three is a crowd okay!). So I’m gonna push my luck and write this time around too. It’s a listicle AND it has GIFs. That’s the ultimate crowd pleasing formula these days, right?

5 Types of Friends Based on Their Reaction to Your Tattoo

The I-think-I’m-super-funny friend: Why did you have to get this tattoo? It looks like a two year old drew on your hand with a permanent marker.


The very-concerned friend: A second tattoo already? I’ve heard it’s an addiction. Are you addicted?


The money-minded friend: How much did you pay for it?! You should’ve given me all that money, I could have spent it on so many better things.


The not-really-a-friend friend – Ooh a tattoo… *goes on to touch the tattoo without permission* What does it mean? Is it personal? You can still tell me.


The I-also-want-a-tattoo friend – Which shop did you get it from? Did it hurt? Where should I get mine? What should I get?


Have extra amazing friends who don’t fall into any of these types? Help me add it to the list!


I Know You, You Know Me

You meet a person. You connect. You start talking, start keeping in touch. You hangout. You can tell that you really like this person. It doesn’t have to be a romantic interest, just you-are-my-kind-of-a-person thing. It’s wonderful; the beginning of the journey of getting to know someone closely.

When it comes to people, there are these milestones, that when crossed, bring you closer without fail. I feel like I can’t really know a person, or a person can’t really know me until we check these milestones off. Maybe it’s just a personal thing and you are getting the what-is-she-talking-about feeling. But hey, it’s my blog. So here’s a list anyway. I’ve added fancy GIFs too! *pats self on the back*

  1. Wanderlusting

    More often than not, travel brings out the best and worst in people. And you definitely need to know a person’s best and worst if you want to be close. Plus it’s a joy to observe how someone reacts to new sights & sounds and how it changes their dynamics with you. Want to know someone better? Travel with them. Go book tickets now!

  2. The Sleepover Club

    I’m not suggesting any kind of hanky-panky business (although that does allow you to really ’know’ someone). How you start and end your day is such an important part of who you are. Going to sleep and waking up might sound mundane, but it tells you a lot about a person. I’m not, at any point, suggesting you watch that person sleep. That’s creepy (believe me, I know).

  3. Picture Perfect

    This one might sound stupid. But hear me out (read me out?) okay. My pictures with people I’m not very close to turn out to be very awkward. I guess it’s simple; your equation translates into the picture. So when do I know I’m cool with you? When we have great pictures together.
    Also, if ever our connection falters, the photos act as a visual proof of what we had. Otherwise it just makes it that much easier to pretend that we never had a connection in the first place.

  4. Cry Me A River

    I look at crying as a very personal thing. So I don’t let just anyone see me cry. Similarly, when someone is crying when I’m around, I take it as a responsibility; you trust me enough to be that vulnerable in front of me. And nothing tells you more about a person than seeing how they are when they’re sad and how they handle it when you’re sad.

  5. Family First

    Seeing how someone is around their family can range from hilarious, tragic, heart-warming to downright shocking. You’ve seen nothing till you’ve seen how one behaves when with family.

  6. The Elixir Of Life

    This had to be on the list, right? However clichéd it might be, it doesn’t get any more honest than being downright drunk. No I’m not talking buzzed, tipsy, or happy high. I’m talking drunk drunk. If they tell you they love you while they’re drunk, believe it.

  7. Hello… It’s Me

    Contrary to Ted Mosby’s theory, I’ve had some of the best and most insightful conversations after 2 a.m. There’s nothing like defying the societal laws of acceptable sleeping hours together, journeying into the unknown world of nonsense and the profound at 4 in the morning. Somehow people seem more interesting at night, or is it just me?

That’s all folks! (No GIF for this, too much was happening)

p.s. – This is not a definitive (or a very serious) list. If you have additions, do tell.