To Tattoo Or Not To: Part Two

I recently got my second tattoo. After getting my first tattoo I’d written a blog post which turned out to be quite a crowd favorite (three is a crowd okay!). So I’m gonna push my luck and write this time around too. It’s a listicle AND it has GIFs. That’s the ultimate crowd pleasing formula these days, right?

5 Types of Friends Based on Their Reaction to Your Tattoo

The I-think-I’m-super-funny friend: Why did you have to get this tattoo? It looks like a two year old drew on your hand with a permanent marker.


The very-concerned friend: A second tattoo already? I’ve heard it’s an addiction. Are you addicted?


The money-minded friend: How much did you pay for it?! You should’ve given me all that money, I could have spent it on so many better things.


The not-really-a-friend friend – Ooh a tattoo… *goes on to touch the tattoo without permission* What does it mean? Is it personal? You can still tell me.


The I-also-want-a-tattoo friend – Which shop did you get it from? Did it hurt? Where should I get mine? What should I get?


Have extra amazing friends who don’t fall into any of these types? Help me add it to the list!


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