Wanting Too Much

Here’s a little something before the  pointless, mawkish Valentine’s Day fanfare makes me hate the idea of love.

I want silence,
the kind where we sit
under the stars and say nothing
to each other.

I want trust,
the kind where I close my eyes
and let myself go
knowing that you’ll catch me.

I want laughter,
the kind where we can’t stop
until our stomachs hurt and we
don’t remember the joke anymore.

I want intimacy,
the kind where my entire existence
converges on that one point
where you hands are on me.

I want conversation,
the kind where we talk about
life and death and love
and everything in between.

I want peace,
the kind where nothing else matters
except the steady rhythm
of your heartbeat.

I want you,
the kind where you’re mine
and we give each other
everything we want.