About First Date

“How was it?” she asked before Crystal was even halfway through the door.

“I think I’m in love.”

Beth was pretty sure she was imagining what Crystal said. “It was your first date!” Forget loving, two years that they’ve been roommates, Crystal had never even said that she liked any guy. She had always been the shy, staying in reading a book in her PJs, avoiding relationships kind. This was big news.
“How was it!?”

“Oh Beth, it was perfect! He’s so perceptive and fun… and super intelligent. He could understand everything I was saying. He was surprisingly patient. And my heart melted every time I looked into his eyes. He liked the food so much, he devoured it in no time. It was cute. It seemed like he was a regular to the restaurant so everyone kept coming up to say hello. I didn’t want to leave at all.”

“Woah. I’m so glad. But promise me you’ll be careful.”

“Careful?” Crystal asked, puzzled. “Beth, he’s so gentle and playful. No way he would hurt me or bite.”

“Bite?” exclaimed Beth, taken aback.

“Yea, dogs do bite sometimes.” Crystal said matter-of-factly.


“Yes! Harley, Neil’s pet dog.”

“Neil, as in your date for the evening?”

“Yes Beth, what is so difficult to understand?”

“WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT? You just told me in detail how you’re in love with a dog.”

“Not any dog. Harley.” Crystal said smiling fondly.

“What about Neil?”

“He’s nice. He takes very good care of Harley. They adore each other.”

“You’re hopeless.” Beth said. “I’m gonna go sleep. You can go and text sweet nothings to Harley.”

“I wish!” sighed Crystal. If Beth rolled her eyes any further, they’d disappear in her forehead.

P.S. – Somewhere not so far away…

“Dude, how was it?”

“I think I’m in love.”

“Woah. Seriously?”

“She loves Harley more than I do. Didn’t think it was ever possible.”