Gentle Reminder

This post is about people who let you down. People who don’t mean what they say, people who don’t take responsibility for their actions. People who are not brave enough to follow through, people who make empty promises. People who betray your trust, who break your heart.
And each time it happens, you question your judgement. The cynic in you rises strong. Why should I hope? Why should I expect better, expect anything at all? Why should I care?

This post is a gentle reminder to not do that. Because for every 10/100/1000 people who disappoint you, there’ll be one who doesn’t. One person who’s always there. Who keeps all the promises. Who comes through every single time. Who cares. And believe you me, that one person makes it worth all the others.
I’m very lucky to have several ┬ásuch people in my life. Some I’ve known for a long time now, some I’ve met recently. But their innate goodness continues to astound me. This post is a silent message of gratitude to all of them.

Yes, you’ve been hurt, you’ve been misled, you’ve been let down. This post is to tell you that don’t ever give up on people, you never know when the next miracle is waiting to happen.