More Than Just What’s Up

Take a chance.

Don’t just send friend requests, be a friend.

Don’t ask them where they’re from, or what they do.

Ask them who they are.

Ask them at what point life turned them into a cynic.

Ask them why they’re afraid of thunderstorms.

Ask them why a butterfly makes them smile.

Ask them why the moon makes them sad.

Tell them why you love history.

Tell them what keeps you up at 2 a.m.

Tell them about your favorite spot in the city.

Tell them how your imagined future looks like.

See their life through their eyes.

Show them your life through your eyes.

Don’t just take selfies, make memories.

Dig deep till you find their warm, pulsating heart.

Let them dig deep till they find yours.

Promise to be there for them.

Be there for them.

Demand their shoulder when you want to cry.

Go ahead, take a chance.

Be a friend.


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