I See

Ma what is red?

The color of love my child

But I see blood everywhere, on torn clothes and empty roads

Red blood that knows no religion, no nationality

What is childhood?

The age of innocence and wonder

But I see eyes full of terror, tiny hands holding guns

Lost in the chaos of life and death

What is home?

Where you’re safe and happy

But I see closed borders, horrors at the sea

Waves alive with screams

What is peace?

When everything is all right and the world is one

But I see shattered hopes and broken dreams

I see humans against humanity

I see misplaced faith and diminishing integrity

What is future?

They say the future is space, the future is Mars

But the earth is burning, can’t they see?

I see and I don’t want to anymore

Can I go to sleep ma?

Yes my child

What if I don’t wake up?

Then you’ll be in a better place

For we’ve created our own hell right here.


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