To Tattoo Or Not To

I recently got a tattoo and since getting tattooed is not everyone’s idea of fun, I get quite a few interesting reactions. The best one has to be of this little girl who refused to believe it doesn’t come off. She tried rubbing it off with her fingers, then with a cloth, and then with soap. When it still didn’t come off, she reckoned I just have to give it a few days. I found the whole thing very cute.

Another very common question to come across my way is why get something permanent? Why something so final. Now you would assume this is a question asked by the inherently commitment phobic generation of millenials, but no. It is usually asked by the people from the generation preceding the millenials. The traditionalists, for whom permanence has always been a central concept. And that’s why the question particularly intrigues me. Depending on my mood and who I’m talking to, I give varying answers. Here’s one such conversation.

I wouldn’t want to get a permanent tattoo.

Why not? The whole idea is you love something so much that you’re ready to let it be with you for life.

No but… it’s permanent!

Marriage is permanent. Why’d you get married?

 (horrified) It is not the same thing!

Technically it is. You’re committing to a person for life. It’s permanent.

But say you love a line from a Justin Beiber song and get it tattooed, you’re obviously gonna regret it few years down the line.

Say you married a person you thought was Hugh Grant from Notting Hill but he actually turned out to be Hugh Grant from Bridget Jones Diary. You’re obviously gonna regret it few years down the line.

But you’ll get bored of the same tattoo.

You’ll get bored of the same person. And unlike tattoos, you can’t simultaneously marry multiple people.

But I’ve also heard it’s dangerous… you could get AIDS.

Yeah well, maybe if the tattoo artist cheats, same as how you could get it if your partner cheats.

What if you outgrow your tattoo?

Then it’ll be a reminder of the person that I once was. Or I can get it removed. What if you outgrow your partner?

But getting a permanent tattoo removed is so painful and costs a lot. You’ll be physically scarred.

Oh and getting a divorce just so easy. And you won’t be emotionally scarred at all.



No, nothing.



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