Sunday Lovin’

It was like every other Sunday afternoon; Mr. Sharma in front of the television, kids holed up in their respective rooms and Mrs. Sharma in the kitchen, cleaning up after lunch. Mr. Sharma’s phone rang. He excused himself to the balcony.

“Are you crazy, calling on a Sunday afternoon like this?”

“Guess what?”


“You’re so cute when you’re angry.”

“Do not sweet talk your way out of this. Why have you called?”

“Husband had to leave for an emergency surgery. Come over!”

“Well guess what, my wife doesn’t do surgeries like your fancy ass husband so she’s still home.”

“Make some excuse.”

“You know I suck at it.”

“Just say you’ve got an urgent errand to run.”

“Urgent errand? Who really talks like that anymore.”

“Everyone. Just say it.”

“You know I can never say no to you. I’ll be there.”

Mrs. Sharma was used to her husband having to go out on a Sunday. Real estate was a demanding industry. The timing today was actually perfect. She could do a quick trip to the parlour.

The Golden Glow beauty salon was packed.  “Do you have an appointment, ma’m?” the receptionist asked when Mrs. Sharma showed up. “Umm actually I don’t. My husband had an urgent errand to run so I decided to come here.”

“I’m sorry ma’m , we don’t have any vacant…” the receptionist stopped as the phone rang. She picked up the receiver.


“Hello. I’m Malini. I have a 4 pm appointment?”

“Yes ma’m. It’s almost four.”

“Yea I’ll have to reschedule. I have an urgent errand to run.”

“Come again, ma’m?”

“I have an urgent errand to run.”

“O…ok ma’m. Let us know whenever you’d like to reschedule. Thank you.”

The receptionist turned to Mrs. Sharma, “A slot just opened up.”

“I guess it’s just my lucky day today, huh?” Mrs. Sharma said smilingly.

The receptionist didn’t really know whether to smile back or not. “You know what ma’m? I’d like to offer you a complimentary head massage.”


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