When The Daylight Comes

“We do have something.” he said, holding her hands tightly in his.

“We do?” she asked. She couldn’t help but laugh. From nothing to something this quick; at this rate it would be three more drinks to ‘I love you’.

He held her close and looked into her eyes. She could smell his perfume mixed with a hint of whiskey. This was all the intoxication she would ever need.

“I like you. What we have is special.” he said again. In that moment, she wanted to say a thousand words. I like you too, more than I’ve ever liked anyone. I want to sing to you. I want to whisper my favorite poem in your ears. I want to hear all your secrets and I want to tell you all of mine. I never want to look away because your eyes shine brighter than any of the stars above us tonight.

But she kept quiet. She knew the eloquence would be wasted on him. All he would remember in the morning is a faint shadow of hundred such conversations he had last night. She let her head rest on his shoulder and closed her eyes. He held her like he’d never let go. They sat like that for a long time.

“Let’s get back to the party?”

“You go ahead, I’ll join you in a while.”

He kissed her on the forehead and left. It took all her self control to not pull him back and kiss him. Not tonight, not like this. It will have to be some other night, a night that she knew would never come. She looked at her watch. Only a couple of hours to go before the dawn break. Only a couple of hours for something to go back to nothing. Again, she couldn’t help but laugh.


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