I’ll Call It Life

Originally posted on Facebook on 14th November, 2014.

Give me a conversation, that is honest and unforced. Give me comfortable silences. Give me a good song, one that helps me escape to an unexplored dimension. Give me a book that let’s my imagination run free, and a quiet reading spot. Give me a good run that makes me value every breath I take. Give me a hard fought match of table tennis. Give me a good karaoke session that leaves my voice hoarse. Give me coffee, and pizza. Give me French fries, mashed potatoes, and hash browns. Give me pasta that’s slightly burnt and over-seasoned because I cooked it myself. Give me red velvet cupcakes, chocolates and strawberries. And if not all this, just give me a bowl of Maggi. Give me a long hot shower on a cold night. Give me the sound of waves crashing and birds chirping. Give me a smile, unrestricted laughter and occasional warm hugs. Give me sincere apologies. Give me healthy flirting. Give me a funny, double meaning joke. Give me a cheesy pick up line that is so bad that it’s good. Give me a heartfelt compliment, or a heartfelt insult. Give me a sense of achievement after a job well done. Give me a wet lick of a dog’s tongue on my face.  Give me a thoughtful gift. Give me goodbye letters that promise it’s not a goodbye. Give me nostalgia that makes me shed happy tears. Give me stargazing that makes me feel like an integral part of the universe while making me question my purpose of existence. Give me a good night’s sleep. Give me moments that are so special that I won’t find words to describe them here.

I’ll call it life and I’ll remember to be grateful for it.


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