A Blog Finally

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably family, a friend, or a well wisher. Or, I’ve lured you through some social media platform with the promise of never-read-before, top quality content. Either way, thank you.

I’m more of a reader than a writer, but I do tend to think of words when I’m bored, unoccupied or avoiding actual work (which happens surprisingly often). This results in random write ups that keep revealing themselves to me at the back of my notepads, in hidden folders on my laptop or loose folded papers pressed between pages of a book. Some of them are decent enough to be shared, hence this blog.

Quick intro; 22 years old, media and communication graduate, currently busy ‘figuring out life’ (DO NOT roll eyes). Also, as you must have noticed, I love parentheses. And full stops. And short sentences. You’ll deal with it right? Love you already.

Content, I’m hoping, will be a good mix of everything I am, everything I love and everything that interests/bothers/intrigues/depresses/scares/delights me.

Happy reading!


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